PH360 Health Coach Courses

Learn how to harness the power of ph360 and better understand how your clients think, combine science and medicine to get better results, and improve compliance and outcomes for your clients, or even your friends and family. ph360 collates and presents personalized knowledge on your behalf, so you can enjoy your rightful role as the guru and focus on what you do best – guiding, nurturing, inspiring and motivating your clients to optimal health.


So let's answer some of your questions....


Your PH360 Health Coach Course

Over 2 jam-packed days, you will learn:

  • how to assess your client’s phenotype and accurately and effectively deliver personalized information relevant for them
  • the fundamentals of biotypology and how this can help us understand how unique we all are and what is right for each of us to be happy and healthy
  • the 6 main fields of epigenetics and how each person needs different foods, exercise, environments and lifestyles to optimize their gene expression
  • how to improve your client outcomes, change behavioural patterns, and increase compliance by speaking the language that resonates with each person’s neurotype
  • how to harness the power of ph360 insights to assume guru status and focus your energy and resources on inspiring, motivating and nurturing your clients to optimal health with sustainable results
  • how to seamlessly integrate ph360 into your current model of practice to attract more clients and additional income, provide better results, and deliver outstanding client care outside of your sessions with no extra effort
  • how the entire landscape of health and medicine is being disrupted, and how to become a pioneer in personalised health while the future of health care as we know it ceases to exist over the next 10 years
  • and much much much much more!

Full 2-Day Course Cost: $697!